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If you have reached this page, it means you want to help the Ukrainian army. First of all I want to thank you for your attention and support!

My name is Nick (Mykola Brydko) and I currently live with my family in North Devon. I am an IT specialist, so I decided to help my army in a field in which I am well versed.

A good friend of mine, an officer in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is in need of some modest support. I have attached the original letter and an English translation below.

?? Ukrainian letter
?? English translation

Dear British Society!
I, Anna Zakharchenko, a citizen of Ukraine, a resident of the city of Chernihiv, am writing this letter to every concerned citizen of Great Britain with a request for assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, namely the units that were stationed in my city.

With the beginning of massive rocket and bomb attacks and artillery shelling of Chernihiv, our military units were relocated to other locations. The buildings where they were stationed, together with the buildings of the military camps where people lived, were destroyed. During the destruction of the buildings, computer and office equipment, communication equipment and other items of military equipment were destroyed, which could not be restored. The lack of necessary supplies in the new city of deployment in necessary quantities is having a very negative impact on the execution of tasks as intended.

In this regard, I would like to request your assistance in providing our units with the necessary equipment listed below.

Resourcing issues are being addressed, but there are many issues that have yet to be resolved. If our military units are to regain their functionality as quickly as possible, they need all the help they can get. Only with the help of everyone who cares about the fate of Ukraine and its Armed Forces will we be able to defeat the enemy! This is why I hope to receive help from your concerned citizens.

For help to our soldiers and their units please contact Mykola Brydko, a native of our city of Chernihiv, who lives in Great Britain.
Anna ZAKHARCHENKO, a citizen of Ukraine.

My request does not commit you to anything, but if you have a desire to help the Ukrainian military on the cyber front, you will find a few options below to do so.

Now we are collecting donations for:







Any amount is important to us. A photo report and appeal from our guys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be published on this page at the end of the donation campaign. Glory to Ukraine!

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